The ingenious way to create & complete forms

Put your business ahead by capturing remote information the natural way.

This is Formidable

Formidable empowers you to achieve business success and profitability. Create, configure, manage, control and receive forms from mobile users who capture or write information.

Smarter business

Publish to paper and fill out forms with an ink based smartpen or publish to tablet and use your fingers; the choice is yours. Within seconds you will have business data at your fingertips from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent decisions

Enrich your forms with multimedia such as photos, voice, GPS and use this vital data in your daily business decisions and processes through end to end population and integration of data.

Endless possibilities

With Formidable you can work with digital pen and paper solutions and/or full digital tablet based solutions. You select the device, we grab the data for you. That’s pretty unique actually.

Why Should You Choose Formidable?

  • Web browser based interface
  • Integrated design tool
  • Handwriting recognition for over hundreds of languages
  • Integrated pre-population possibilities
  • High resolution pdf output

Intelligent forms management

Hello LP2!

We officially support Anoto Live Pen 2. It’s the first Anoto pen that
works with Apple iPhones and iPads together with our app Formidable for iOS.


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