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The leading company in the digital writing business

XMS Penvision is the leading company in the digital writing business with over 10 years of experience and knowledge of the technology. The main product, Formidable, is the world leading enterprise digital writing platform enabling use of digital pen and paper together with tablets such as Ipad. Formidable is a complete platform for design, administration, printing and processing of digital forms and thousands of people in business, government and education use Formidable every day to manage their forms with help of digital pens and tablets.

  • World leader in digital writing business
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Represented in 35 countries by 80 partner companies
  • Strong investors in the company

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XMS Penvision
c/o Anoto
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XMS Penvision was founded in 1996 as a pioneer in the Internet technology. Internet was a new phenomena and the company used web technology with easy to use graphical interfaces to integrate with mission critical backend systems. Whilst at the same time mobile Internet made headroads into the market offering an extensive range of solutions and concepts which are still growing and developing. Now more popular than ever.

In early 2001 Anoto held discussions with XMS Penvision regarding partly being part of developing the Anoto functionality. These discussions involved creating guidelines and principles for the paper which would be used for the partner community. While doing this XMS Penvision gained extensive knowledge of the technology involved. Over the years XMS Penvision has been on the cutting edge of solutions enabling digital pen & paper. As one of the first companies in the area XMS Penvision can benefit today from an extensive experience and knowledge of digital pen & paper development.


Based on initial projects, a platform was born. With the platform the users could design, administrate, print and transfer pen data to the platform. On top of that a validation interface allowed for review of the sent in documents. Today this platform has emerged into an extensive framework where partners can design and implement their own paper products not only for digital pen but also iPad and Android tablets as input devices.

XMS Penvision products can be found throughout the world, its platforms are installed and used in Europe as well as Asia, America and Africa. Some businesses use the services available without implementing any changes, whilst others develop products themselves using Penvision Formidable. Due to the generic features of Penvision Formidable it can be customised to suit many different application areas, both vertically and horisontally in any type of industry. Rather than pushing finished products to the market we want, with the help of Formidable and our business model provide a high level of flexibility, making it easy for partners to do business and create the applications required by their customers.


Trust and integrity are important factors between XMS Penvision and its partners. Our products should be well developed and reliable. Our role towards partners is to provide support and guidance and share our extensive knowledge. Our experience and commitment have been important building blocks in our product development. We value reliability, both when it comes to function of our products and business relations.


XMS Penvision’s strategy is to support partners wishing to offer products for rationalising information and forms processes. Many of today’s existing partners are active within such areas as: system integration, software development, management consulting etc. Large companies with limited in-house development resources are also among XMS Penvision’s target partners.
XMS Penvision’s business philosophy is to promote its products through enthusiastic and dedicated partnerships providing an attractive business model that makes it easy for partners to do business.