With Formidable 4.1 we introduce new languages, new functions and a bunch of nice improvements. Read more about some of the highlights below. Enjoy!

New languages

31 new languages added

We have upgraded the handwriting recognition engine to the latest version of MyScript, which is 7.2. That gives us 31(!) new languages and many improvements for existing languages as well. We now support 63 languages in total.

All your used resources will be upgraded to the latest version of MyScript automatically when you upgrade to Formidable 4.1, so the upgrade procedure is really smooth. It just works :-)



Yes it’s true, we have a LOGOUT button!

Sometimes it is the little things that makes you happy. We believe Logout is such a thing.


Synchronize device

Faster synchronisation for tablets!

Maybe you have experienced the above image a little bit to much lately when working with large forms together with naturalForms Enterprise. With Formidable 4.1 the issue is solved and synchronisation is now much faster.

These are some of the news and improvements.
Formidable 4.1 is, as always, a free upgrade for our partners.