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Penvision Formidable –
Intelligent forms management

Formidable is a powerful, easy-to-use forms processing software that helps you capture your forms data faster than ever. Thousands of people in business, government, and education use Formidable every day to manage their forms with help of digital pens and tablets. Formidable comes with many easy-to-use tools for development, administration and processing of digital pen and paper forms as well as tablet solutions to help you quickly manage your forms. Check out what Formidable can do for your business.


Formidable is complete

Easy to use DesignTool with seamless integration of handwriting recognition tools. The great Administration interface where you have full control of applications, users and pattern. Print out forms with the PrintProcessor and get full access of the final result with the included Viewer.

  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for users, applications and pens.
  • Handwriting recognition for 63 languages and 88 alphabets.
  • PC and mobile phone clients available to download at App Store and Google Play.
  • Validation interface for visually checking and editing the final result from the forms.

Formidable is cool stuff. Check it out.

Paper or tablet

You don’t have to choose. Create your forms in Formidable and print on paper or open on an Apple or Android tablet and submit. The Formidable server stores it all.


Our design tool is a Flash based web application to enable digital writing functionality. DesignTool ranges from uploading backgrounds, enabling form field functionality to specifying validation and export. The only requirement is a web browser.

Formidable app

Formidable app is the client software that is used to send the digital pen data from paper forms into Formidable. The Formidable clients are tightly integrated and allows for two-way communication. The app is available for iOS and Andorid phones and tablets as well as Windows PC.

Handwriting recognition

Formidable includes a seamless integrated version of Vision Object’s MyScript including 63 languages and 88 alphabets. Easy-to-use formats allow the designer to select from predefined rules for the writing fields.


Printing is done through a locally installed Windows based software. Multiple print processors can be connected to the same Formidable system for smooth deployment of the forms.

Viewer review & edit

A validation interface is included in Formidable. Applications can be created to automatically support review & edit functionality before exporting the final result. Users are automatically notified with user details allowing for a minimum of administration.

High quality output

The final output is high quality vectorised pdf’s and xml-files suitable for any back end system of your choice.

Administrative web interface

Easy-to-use administrative Flash based web interface for users, applications, patterns and pens. Handle everything from one browser window.


Print pre-populated data from backend systems with Formidable. The fine part is that you enable the connection in the DesignTool in a really nice WYSIWYG interface. Control placement, fonts and size in DesignTool and see the result direct on your screen.

Online license purchase

Licenses and patterns is bundled into a license that can be purchased online via XMS Penvision’s partner web site. The purchased license is sent immediately for rapid deployment.

Local or hosted Formidable

Formidable can either be locally installed on your own network or hosted by a partner or XMS Penvision.

Custom API

On top of the standard functionality API’s are available for custom functionality. Examples are available from Penvision Partner Portal.