Formidable for iOS and Android

Formidable is the first client app for iPhone and Ipad that works with the new Anoto Live Pen 2! Beside grabbing yore pen data, the Formidable app also allows you to attach images and sound files to your documents, even GPS coordinates!

  • Formidable for iOS – Works with Anoto Live Pen 2
  • Formidable for Android – Works with both Live Pen 2 and Anoto DP-201
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Formidable for Windows PC

Not every user needs a pen connected to a phone and some environments don’t even allows it. For that we have Formidable for Windows. Dock the pen in the cradle and all the data stored in the pen will be transferred to the Formidable server automatically.

  • Formidable for Windows work with pens from Anoto
  • For Windows PC 7 and above.

naturalForms Enterprise for iPad and Android tablets

With Formidable and naturalForms documents can now easily be converted and filled in on a tablet instead of paper. Cost is reduced while business can be done faster. When staff is on the field, the information can be filled in directly on the tablet, and complemented with photo attachments and voice notes. The forms are sent digitally via Wi-Fi or cellular network and thereafter automatically to an ERP system.

  • Works with iPad and Android Tablets
  • Recognize handwriting or use the keyboard
  • Attach photos, sound memos and GPS coordinates