Case Studies

No more retyping, we just write, send and see more patients.


Stockton on Tees Borough Council

Each Animal Welfare Officer and the kennel Security & Surveillance team is equipped with a smart phone, a digital pen and digitised forms. The dogs description, photo and entire journey through the system is documented and updated to the customized portal at any time.


NHS Barnsley

How a Ubisys solution helped NHS Barnsley improve patient Interaction by their community nursing and therapy teams. In the spirit of partnership, Barnsley NHS Trust and Ubisys set about designing a Digital Pen solution that would meet the needs of the users, business and patients alike. Three service areas were chosen initially using three different forms; Initial Assessment, Therapy and Activities of daily living.


NHS East Lancashire

How a Ubisys solution helped East Lancashire Foundation Trust improve the efficiency of their psychiatry team. East Lancashire and Ubisys deployed a Digital Pen solution that would meet the needs of the users, business and patients alike. Technically the solution now means that the Psychiatry forms are now completed with an Anoto digital pen which records the strokes taken on the paper.


NHS Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals

How a Ubisys solution helped Doncaster NHS Trust improve the way they collect and record patient experience data. The solution now means a patient or member of staff can fill in a patient experience form using a Ubisys digital pen, then dock the pen at a laptop or PC on the ward, and at 1 am every morning data is combined from all 570 surveys and a single CSV file is sent to the business analyst team for their analysis and reporting.


NHS Rotherham

How a Ubisys digital pen solution improved the efficiency of Rotherhams physio team by 35% and reduced patient waiting times. The Physiotherapists now record as they used to but the pen records the writing and symbols which are converted to computer text. At the end of the session, the Physio updates SystmOne with 4 key pieces of data and a PDF of the notes is automatically attached to SystemOne using integration techniques.


NHS Solent Healthcare

How a Ubisys solution helped Solent NHS Trust improve the efficiency of their out of hours teams. Solent NHS Trust required a solution that would enable them to get critical patient and visit information back to core systems immediately, but without changing the way the teams worked.


Capita Managed IT Solutions

inphoActive’s forms processing technology has given us the means to collect our audit data accurately and efficiently. This feeds into the planning and delivery process supporting the major rollout to our customer. The major benefit is the speed that forms can be completed and relayed back to head office. This, coupled with a detailed audit trail, and proof of service delivery enables better planning for the major rollout.



In the spirit of partnership, E.ON and Ubisys set about designing a Digital Pen solution that would meet the needs of the business and users alike. Technically the solution now means that all audit reports are sent electronically and integrate instantly with a custom developed database at E.ON in conjunction with Ubisys. Audit Reports are completed with a digital pen which are then sent via a mobile phone over the mobile network to the Ubisys Formidable software located at their Head Office which in turn integrates directly with the customers custom designed database.


The Gritting Company

Job sheets are completed with a digital pen which are then sent via a Nokia mobile phone over the o2 network to the Ubisys Formidable software located at their Head Office. The job sheet data is then converted to XML, a PDF produced and the local application (called 4D) and purpose built customer portal updated.


Stockton Borough Council

Ubisys provided Stockton Borough Council with a solution that empowered each Pest Control Officer to spend all day attending jobs rather than travelling back and forth from the office by equipping them with digital pens and mobile phones with cameras built in.



As an O2 Regional technology Partner, Ubisys worked with O2 account managers and Mitton to propose and deliver new phones and digital pens set up and ready to use. Now time sheets are completed with a digital pen and immediately sent back via the mobile phone to the Ubisys service where electronic versions are immediately generated and emailed to Mitton for processing. Stage two of the deployment will see more forms and integration of handwriting conversion in to core systems.


Connect Services

“In business I’ve always gone forward, never gone backwards. I heard about simPRO from other electricians who used it, they loved it and spoke very highly of simPRO. I did look around at other products, but I’m very happy with my decision in choosing simPRO. We isolated the urgent issues I needed to address but simPRO supplied much more than we needed. It just keeps on giving.”


Prestige Power

“To implement simPRO into our business has proven to be one of the most beneficial decisions our company could have made. simPRO has seamlessly improved efficiency across all facets of our systems, and profitability has improved dramatically due to the valuable and accurate reporting available with just the click of a button. All material and labour is accounted for, and costs are transferred directly to the job.”


Svea Inkasso

Nobody likes getting a parking penalty, and the first reaction of many people when they get a fine is to ring the parking company to query the ticket. The problem is that the parking company staff who answer the phones often have no information about the individual drivers’ parking offences. If the parking attendant is still on his or her rounds, the information about the fine won’t be on the system until much later. Now, a system using Anoto functionality means that parking companies can immediately give drivers quick and accurate information about their parking offences, and the possibilities of appealing the fine.



Real time communication with the Portuguese Railways’ back offi ce and EMEF’s workshops means better planned maintenance. As a result operational breakdown can be avoided and trains can keep their schedule. Train availability is also increased. Furthermore, EMEF’s paper consumption has been reduced by 50%, corresponding to 1,500 trees in five years.