Paper or tablet? You don’t have to choose!

One platform, several input devices. Create your forms in Formidable and print on paper or open on an Apple or Android tablet and submit. The Formidable server stores it all.

Mobilise your paper forms.

Pen & paper

Work as usual. Pen and paper is intuitive, limited or no training of staff is needed. Everyone can handle a pen or a tablet. No need to change work routines or existing forms processes.

  • Enables digital capture of both text and illustrations.
  • Cut lead time from days to minutes or seconds.
  • Low investment cost, fast implementation, easy scalability and flexibility.
  • Data processed as it happens, no costly peak hours.
  • Immediate return of investment.
  • Eliminating or automating processing steps means significant cost savings.

Anoto Live Pen 2

We officially support Anoto Live Pen 2. It’s the first Anoto pen that works with Apple iPhones and iPads together with our app Formidable for iOS.



Upgrade your paper forms to tablet and save money. Make your current paper forms electronic easily with naturalForms Enterprise. Works with both iPad and Android devices by installing the app naturalForms Enterprise. The app offers multilingual handwriting in 54 languages and e-keyboard data entry giving users localisation, choice and flexibility.

Write, sketch, and sign on the tablet version of the form as you would on the paper copy. Optionally, add photos, voice recordings, GPS coordinates and submit the form. No signal – no problem – naturalForms Enterprise stores them until signal comes back.

  • Write naturally in 63 languages.
  • Works for both Apple iPad and Android tablets.
  • Write, sketch, and sign on the tablet version of the form as you would on the paper copy.
  • Use your current paper forms, same layout as your staff is used to.
  • Instant feedback to customers and business partners.